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RE: A new partner S/MIME certificate [ Reply ]
By: Honza on 2011-06-08 12:43
I understand, thanks for your reply. I think this bug could be important for Trustedbird and, it would be a goog new function for TB if it knows to handle expired/new S/MIME certificates, isn´t it? :-)
The bug goes with TB for ages but I didn´t see TB 5 whether it is fixed there...

RE: A new partner S/MIME certificate [ Reply ]
By: Thibault Cassan on 2011-06-07 14:03
Hi Honza,

Thanks for your remark.
Sorry, this bug does not seem to be fixed on Trustedbird. Indeed, Trustedbird is based on Thunderbird, and add functionalities to it, but we don't usually fix specific TB bugs (by lack of time).
However, we keep this in mind, and will try to see how it can be fixed as soon as we have enough time.

Feel free to tell us any feedback you may have on Trustedbird.


A new partner S/MIME certificate [ Reply ]
By: Honza on 2011-06-07 10:02
Hallo, the Thunderbird has an aged strange bug with handling new partner´s certificates and it seems nobody cates about it: the thunderbird doesn´t know to find a new partner S/MIME certificate to encrypt a message for him if you have an expired one loaded in your certificate store. And you must delete all his certificates and restart TB and then you can upload a new certificate so that TB find the new certificate. I referred about it at bug 647324 and 466345 at
How is it with the Trustedbird, is this bug fixed already please? TX!

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