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RE: Notification_viewer : compatibility with TH 9.01 [ Reply ]
By: Bernard TREMBLAY on 2012-02-18 17:03
About the add-on for QR_code, functions and components

A- Generation
0- Generate external internal krypt code
1- Using
- checksum of the mail (without or not QR_Code) and
- crypted mime header information,
- crypted Sign and vcr
- Added short crypted message for destin
- QR_Code checksum (integrity check of QR_Code)

2- generate a QR_Code and insert it

B-Reception (as for OpenGP)

1- identification of QR_Code in mail (div id in HTML, need simple parsing)
2- Search for sender crypt code if not found ask it
3- Read QR_Code
4- display information

C- Add for identification of printed document
id as B but from :
1- pdf
2- bitmap image

Needs from a selection in an image to regenerate the description code of QR_code (test validation of pixels definition, scale adjustment...)

D- Extension to printed document integrity check
1- From print preview, generate a signature of document (points into into a delimited zone)
2- Insert QR_Code
3- From a scan (scale based on delimited zone identification)
4- Regenerate signature string and compare.

This is a detailed explanation of my idea.
It allows to make something small or extend it by the same team or an extended team, this because go farther than the trusted mails management.

best regards


RE: Notfication_viewer : compatibility with TH 9.01 [ Reply ]
By: Bernard TREMBLAY on 2012-02-15 12:26

I explain my idea about QR Code.
If this idea is an interesting way, it is my feeling, a new thread should be useful.

The identification of the source of a document is a main problem (letters, printed mails etc., for this my proposal is :
1- use of QR Code
2- content of QR code :
- Clear part as a VCARD data
- unique crypted code generated by the redactor of the document, which code is linked with the document content (identkey on 128bits or more) : this identifies the source document as is done by "copyright France"
- other informations crypted which can be read only by the allowed recipient which has the external key (ident by list name of allowed recipients, other keys etc...).

This solution tries to solve the problem of identification of printed documents.
Tools as OpenGP are able to allow to crypt and read for messengering, but when the document is printed it is impossible to check if it has been or not modified (with modern tools which allows to change pixels). The solution of which I have the idea can have the full trustability of his integrity.

May be this solution as already been studied, I suppose this a widely probability.

Best regards


Note : this suppose two tools :
- QR code generator
- crypted code generator from print pre-viewer
- QR Code reader by recipient (by scan, from mail, from pdf) with external key) if he has to check the authenticity of the document and that he is a declared allowed reader. (nota : many of this information can be - must be - in ext-headers of a mail, informations which are lost after printing).

Note2 : As I am French, may be, even English is the normal way on the forum, and the fact that I commonly write 90% of my texts in English, sometimes as I don't know the "right common words" for a well defined and precise concept, so I can use a workaround expression which is not so precise.

RE: Notfication_viewer : compatibility with TH 9.01 [ Reply ]
By: Thibault Cassan on 2012-02-15 09:43
Thanks for the information, we will regularly check these threads, it is very useful to have user feedbacks.

Can you detail what you mean by "Identification square coding" ? I understand it as the use of QR Codes, but I don't see how you would like it to be integrated in TB or in a add-on...

RE: Notfication_viewer : compatibility with TH 9.01 [ Reply ]
By: Bernard TREMBLAY on 2012-02-14 23:32


I do believe that your job is able to change the French administration mails development.
Secondarly the use of a generator of "identification square coding"

There to thread on geckozone treating about this subject :

Mine moderated by camélon :

and holded now by camélon



RE: Notfication_viewer : compatibility with TH 9.01 [ Reply ]
By: Thibault Cassan on 2012-02-13 14:30

We are currently working on a migration of the Trustedbird client according to the Thunderbird 10 ESR version.
The plugins will be taken into account in a second phase, but I'm sorry I don't know any schedule for it now.


Notfication_viewer : compatibility with TH 9.01 [ Reply ]
By: Bernard TREMBLAY on 2012-02-13 13:28

Can we hope a version of notification_viewer compatible with TH 9.01 and later ?

Best regards


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