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Welcome to Trustedbird Project! (formerly known as Milimail)

Our purpose is to develop new features under free software licenses for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  • XIMFMail for Thunderbird and Trustedbird 17.0.7 is available
  • Trustedbird 17.0.7 is available for Windows and Linux
  • An Internet Draft about technology of secure header fields has been submitted to the IETF (Oct 16, 2011) ;
  • Trustedbird 3.1.9 + 0.4.3 is out for Windows and Linux ;
  • Trustedbird 3.1.7 + 0.4 is out for Windows and Linux ;
  • SASL EXTERNAL authentification on LDAP directory in Trustedbird 3.1.6 (Nov 24, 2010) ;
  • Secure Headers, SASL EXTERNAL and XIMFMAIL in Trustedbird 3.1.4 (Oct 14, 2010) ;
  • ...

News list and details

  • Deletion receipts - Message Delivery Notification (MDN);
  • Delivery receipts - Delivery Status Notification (DSN);
  • Encryption/Signing with triple wrapping;
  • RFC 2634 Security Labels and Signed Receipts;
  • Address autocompletion with several LDAP directories;
  • CRL download from LDAP directories;
  • Manage Out of Office settings on a Sieve server;
  • ...

Full list, documentation and screenshots

Developer documentation

How to contribute
  • Find and report new issues in the bug tracker.
  • Write and propose new translations or correct style/spelling mistakes in user interfaces or documentation.
  • You have ideas: share them in the forums.
  • Develop new features and submit them to the project. Get the source code from the Git repository.
  • Test add-ons and write reviews on
  • Contribution tracker.

If you have an invalid password issue while creating an account on Adullact forge, try using a password with at least 6 characters and containing a digit and a special character among [](),?;.:/!§*%$£^_`{}*+"'-.

Thank you!

Trustedbird Project works with Mozilla Foundation in order to integrate most of Trustedbird features in core product.

This project is managed by DGA (French Ministry of Defense) and BT.