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Trustedbird project is composed of several modules:

  • An email client, based on Mozilla Thunderbird with several integrated features, called Trustedbird.
  • Add-ons, working with Mozilla Thunderbird or Trustedbird.
  • Server scripts, to manage an email gateway with priorities.

All modules are distributed under free software licenses MPL version 1.1+, GPL version 2+ and LGPL version 2.1+.

Logo-trustedbird.png Trustedbird email client

Trustedbird is an email client based on Mozilla Thunderbird with several additional features:

Add-ons for Mozilla Thunderbird or Trustedbird

Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Multi-LDAP Logo-tb2.png Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Address autocompletion with several LDAP directories.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Check Recipients Logo-tb2.png Checks the existence of email addresses from local address books or LDAP.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Directory Contact Tabs Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Displays additional information about contacts from LDAP directory servers.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Card Viewer Extended Logo-tb2.png Displays the certificate of a contact in local address books or LDAP.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Send Format LDAP Logo-tb2.png Gets supported email formats from LDAP.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   CRL over LDAP Logo-tb2.png Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Imports CRLs from LDAP directories.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Notification Viewer Logo-tb2.png Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Identifies and displays DSN (delivery receipts) and MDN (return receipts) notifications.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   MDN Extended Logo-tb2.png Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Handles MDN deletion receipt.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   DSN Settings Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png User interface settings for Delivery Status Notification (DSN) requests.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Out of Office Logo-tb2.png Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Vacation notifications and redirections using Sieve.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Message Remote Services [Only for Trustedbird 2] Interaction with Trustedbird using a Java API.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   XSMTP Logo-tb2.png Adds headers for priority, confidentiality, ...
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   XIMFMAIL Logo-tb2.png Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png Produces forms based on a XML definition.
Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Mail XForms Logo-tb3.0.png Logo-tb3.1.png XForms-based forms in compose and read interfaces in order to send information through email headers.

Logo-tb2.png = works with Thunderbird 2 / Trustedbird 2
Logo-tb3.0.png = works with Thunderbird 3.0
Logo-tb3.1.png = works with Thunderbird 3.1 / Trustedbird 3.1

Server scripts

Puce ronde bleu.jpg   Priority email gateway Set of scripts to setup an email gateway managing several priorities (with Postfix and Qpsmtpd).