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FAQ - general

What is Trustedbird?

Trustedbird project is a set of add-ons and an email client based on Mozilla Thunderbird.

Why are there features for military contexts?

The features concerned are based on non-confidential military formats which could also be useful in a civilian context, for example message priority management.

FAQ - technical

What configuration is required to use Trustedbird?

The configuration required is the same as for Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.

FAQ - community

Who is the project founder?

This project, initiated by the DGA, is managed by the French Ministry of Defense and BT.

Who directs the community?

To ensure the success of the project, the DGA called on a number of experts and professionals from the world of general public software. In addition, anyone is welcome to contribute to the life of the community by taking part in the development or pointing out bugs.

How can I help?

See How to contribute.

FAQ - right and authorisation

Can I copy and distribute Trustedbird?

Trustedbird is distributed under free software licenses MPL version 1.1+, GPL version 2+ and LGPL version 2.1+, you are therefore entitled to copy the software and distribute it whilst complying with the licenses.

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