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This add-on is written in XUL and Javascript.


This add-on is built around Mozilla components;1 for LDAP management and;1 for importing CRLs into the database.

Files/functions description

  • content/messenger_overlay.xul
  • content/messenger_overlay.js
Schedule and launch every day a ldapCrlAutoUpdateManager (hidden window).
  • content/ldapCrlAutoUpdateManager.xul
  • content/ldapCrlAutoUpdateManager.js
Hidden window which launches a LDAP query for all CRLs to update in database.
  • content/ldapCrlManager.js
importCrlFromLdapMessage: handle LDAP response message and import/update the CRL into database.
  • content/crlManager_overlay.xul
  • content/crlManager_overlay.js
Add a test in original ImportCRL and UpdateCRL functions (launched by CRL manager window) to identify and process LDAP URLs.
Open a ldapCrlFetchDialog window in case of LDAP URLs.
  • content/ldapCrlFetchDialog.xul
  • content/ldapCrlFetchDialog.js
Dialog with a progress meter which launches a new LDAP query and imports fetched CRLwith importCrlFromLdapMessage.
  • content/pref-crlupdate_overlay.xul
  • content/pref-crlupdate_overlay.js
Slightly modified dialog controls for CRLs from LDAP.
  • content/libtrustedbird.js
Debug and LDAP functions library.
  • locale/en-US/ldapCrlFetchDialog.dtd
  • locale/en-US/
  • locale/fr/ldapCrlFetchDialog.dtd
  • locale/fr/
Localized strings for content/ldapCrlFetchDialog.xul and content/ldapCrlFetchDialog.js.