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  • Users autocompletion with multi-directory LDAP


This feature is based on the standard autocompletion from Thunderbird. It overloads functions setupLdapAutocompleteSession(), AddDirectorySettingsObserver() and RemoveDirectorySettingsObserver() from MsgComposeCommands.js file.

GUI files

  • Global preferences

Servers list in the global preferences

  • User account preferences

Servers list in the user account preferences

Global configuration

  • preferencesOverlay.xul file overloads preferences.xul file. It includes the file composeLDAPOverlay.xul. It uses composeLDAPOverlay.js library.
  • composeLDAPOverlay.js : retrieve the LDAP server list configured. It builds dynamically all XML items to create the GUI servers list. This list is accessible from the global preferences, in the composition tab.
  • Property to activate LDAP autocompletion (boolean): ldap_2.autoComplete.useDirectory
  • Property to define LDAP server list (string): ldap_2.autoComplete.directoryServers

GUI Architecture

User account preferences

  • Architecture is the same as above with a level less of inclusion (No file preferencesOverlay.xul). The file am-addressingOverlay.xul overloads am-addressingOverlay.xul. It uses the library file am-addressingOverlay.js
  • Property to overload the activation of LDAP autocompletion (boolean): mail.identity.%IDENTITYKEY%.overrideGlobal_Pref.multi-ldap
  • Property to overload the definition of LDAP server list (string): mail.identity.%IDENTITYKEY%.directoryServers


This add-on is built around Mozilla components nsIAutoCompleteSession and nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter that allows to manage standard autocompletion from LDAP server.