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How to Install in Thunderbird

Out of Office is an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird 2 and 3 which sets up vacation notifications and redirections, using Sieve. These features are handled by the Sieve service of an IMAP server.


  • Redirection of incoming emails to another recipient.
  • Vacation notifications.


This add-on requires the Sieve service (email filters) associated to an IMAP account. The reference for emails filter is RFC 5228.

Cyrus IMAP server embeds this service. In order to work with this add-on, other Sieve servers need to support the vacation option, defined in RFC 5230.


Server configuration

Select the user account you want to configure in the Account Settings window, and choose Sieve Server Settings in the user description.

Configurations of the Sieve server connection, associated with the preselected account:

Sieve Server Settings

⇒ Warning: account settings must be validated by pressing OK in order to enable Sieve on the account.

Configuration of an account associate to a server

After the installation, the menu 'Out of office Settings...' is available via the 'Tools' menu.The Out Of Office window parameters provide a list of accounts available with Thunderbird. The configuration of an account is available only after having established a connection between the client and server. The connection was create the first time on the first available user account. To establish the connection on another account, you just have to select it and waiting that the connection process getting done. During the connection process A progress bar display the activity and a status message appeared on the bottom of the window.

Connection to a server

A connection to a Sieve server in progress...

Connection to server in progress...

List and status of servers

List of accounts available with their respective status ...

Account list

When a connection is established with a server, a click on the Activate-Deactivate button permits to switch between the two modes.

Legends of connection status:

  • Désactivé Out of Office notification deactivate
  • Activé Out of Office notification activate
  • Echec Deactivated account or Connection failure with the server
  • Pas connecté No connection


The status for an account will be activated or deactivated in case of successful connection. If a connection to an account fails, it is automatically disabled. By using the button Activate, you can retry to connect the account to the server.

Out of Office Configuration

This window allows the user to configure a mail redirection to another recipient. It's also possible to define a vacation message which will be sent to the sender when an new mail is received.

Configuration of emails redirection and "Out of Office" notifications