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Download trustedbird-l10n-fr
Works with: Trustedbird

How to Install in Thunderbird

French localization for Trustedbird is an add-on for Trustedbird which contains official French translations of Mozilla Thunderbird in addition to translations of the new features integrated in Trustedbird.

It does not contain localizations for the other add-ons of the project which are directly included in each add-on package.


The locale is automatically set to French when the add-on is installed.

In order to use and switch through several locales, you can use one of the following ways:

  • Add a parameter to specify the locale when you start Trustedbird. E.g. for French:
trustedbird -UILocale fr
  • Install an add-on which does the switching through a menu in Thunderbird. E.g.:
  • Override the locale in preference system with the config editor. The preference name for the locale is general.useragent.locale.