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How to Install in Thunderbird

CRL over LDAP is an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird 2 and 3 which allows import of Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) from LDAP directories. It adds the support feature of LDAP URLs in the import window of the CRL manager and schedules auto-updates of these CRLs.

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Important information

  • CRL auto-update from HTTP/FTP (integrated in Thunderbird) and LDAP (with this add-on) is broken due to NSS bug #371522. A fix has been proposed and accepted and is now integrated in NSS. Thunderbird, since version, and Trustedbird (Thunderbird with additional features) are available with a fixed auto-update feature. This CRL over LDAP add-on provides also a workaround for this bug, working with all versions of Thunderbird (for HTTP/FTP and LDAP URLs).
  • CRL manager window is not refreshed when a CRL is imported: #104137.
  • LDAP authentication is not supported.


The CRL must be stored in DER format in a LDAP attribute value.

In the import window of the CRL manager, provide a LDAP URL following this syntax:

  • ldap://host:port/dn?attribute?scope?filter?extensions
e.g.: ldap://,dc=org?certificateRevocationList;binary?sub?cn=crl

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